Jun 18, 2012

You Still Can Pinpoint Where Grindr Users Are, Even If Researchers in Japan have proven how easy it is figure out the exact location of users of Grindr and other gay dating apps, even if they turn off the "show distance" feature. Locating guys using Grindr - YouTube Aug 16, 2014

Grindr is showing in another language. How can I change it back? I'm logged out of the app and I forgot my password. How can I get back in? I want to stay active on the app. Can I prevent my phone from autolocking? I want to swipe between profiles quickly, how do I do that?

Jun 10, 2016 · Long-tap social media icons to display username and copy to clipboard (Grindr 3.23.0+) Sort inbox by distance for users who show their distance (Grindr 3.21.2+) Filter inbox by users who have sent photos (Grindr 3.21.2+) Disable automatic deletion of older chats (Grindr 3.24.1+) Disable smooth scroll to top for chat inbox (Grindr 3.24.1+) Aug 10, 2019 · Grindr has said that the app gives users the option to “hide their distance information from their profiles” and that they blur the location data of users who live in countries where it is dangerous to be gay, but it is still entirely possible to find users’ exact locations in the UK, and, I assume, in the US.

Grindr, Romeo, and Recon Put Users at Risk by Exposing

Aug 16, 2014