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Jan 16, 2018 · URL filtering is a method of blocking access to certain websites based on the web address. There are several commercial products available for URL or content filtering but you can actually set up a very robust system on your own using SquidGuard and pfSense. Automatically Block Intruders With pfSense and Snort February 21, 2019 Andrew Galdes 1 High-end firewall appliances such as those from Watchguard offer the facility to automatically block remote systems based on their behavior such as port scanning. Jan 24, 2019 · Once you have sucessfully installed pfSense with 1 WAN and 1 LAN setup, use pfSense web gui and follow steps below to setup the third network interface as subnet 2 with Internet access ONLY. Step 1: create the 3rd interface. go to Interfaces > Assignments; at Available network ports, an available (unassigned) NIC should be selected In this blog post where I’m going to show you how to block HTTP and HTTPS domains by using E2guardian service in pfSense. E2guardian is a web filter and also works as a proxy server. It has many features and more potential than SquidGuard web filter. Go to your pfsense web interface; System->Packages; Click ‘Available Packages’ Scroll down to pfBlockerNG and click the little + icon. Click ‘Confirm’ and wait for the installer to finish. Set up. If the install worked then you should see pfBlockerNG in the ‘Firewall’ drop down menu. I’ll take you through the relevant tabs

The user who is in the group will be blocked for the websites. Go to IPsmenu and add IP address into the group that you want to block. Expect these “” ip address everybody can go to everywhere like “facebook,twitter,google etc”. Now, we will test the service and see if it works or not.

I Have a network at home with a PFSense Software firewall. There are about 2 PCs and 3 laptops that connect to the internet through this firewall. I would like to use the Firewall rules to block internet access for one of these devices on the network. The one that I want to block does have a static IP address assigned, and I also know its MAC Install and Configure pfBlockerNg for DNS Black Listing in Dec 15, 2015 How to Setup pfBlockerNG - Protectli

So I just want to say that this sub-reddit is amazing when it comes to getting support for PFsense. Thank you all for everything that you all do. Now on to what I am wanting to accomplish. I just setup a VLAN for guest devices, got my switch to work with it, setup a second AP, Setup firewall rules to allow internet and block access to LAN.

Mar 17, 2018 How to block HTTP and HTTPS websites with E2guardian