Nov 15, 2018 · If for any reason you cannot connect your Android phone or iPhone to the Internet via Wi-Fi or cellular data, don’t give up. You can share Internet from a Windows laptop to the mobile devices via Wi-Fi. This way, any wired Ethernet, restricted Wi-Fi or cellular dongle connection can be shared with your iPhone or your Android smartphone.

Share an Internet Connection Between Wireless Machines Aug 24, 2016 Share Internet Connection Wireless in Windows 7, Vista Share Internet Connection Via Wireless in Windows 7 1. Open “Network And Sharing Center”. Go to Control Panel > View Network Status And Tasks. Share Wireless Internet Connection In Windows 7 Without Ad Hoc

Feb 03, 2016

Aug 03, 2019 How to Turn Off Network Sharing on Windows (with Pictures)

Microsoft has a functionality called Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) that is made just for this purpose. If the solution below does not answer your question then do some Googling on "ICS", there is a ton more info out there on this topic. We will be using Windows 7, but earlier versions are similar.

Nov 11, 2009 Windows 7: Share Wi-Fi Internet with LAN Users Mar 30, 2011 How to share wireless internet connection in Windows 7 There are many ways how to share wireless internet connection , one of the them is that your Windows 7 Computer acts as a WiFi Router. That is possible if your computer has two network cards. First network card will be used to connect your computer to the Internet and with second we will create a new ad hoc wireless network. Windows 7 Internet connection Sharing (ICS) Host Computer Let’s start to enable Windows 7 Internet connection sharing feature on computer: 1) Go to Start and click on Control Panel. 2) Proceed to click View network status and tasks in Control Panel window. 3) Network and Sharing Center will appear, click on Change adapter settings. 4) Here it will show the