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Virtual Private Network (VPN) support is important if users need to access your office network from outside the office. If this feature is important to your small business network setup, learn more about setting up a VPN. Manufacturers in the past year or so have started releasing VPN routers especially for small offices. Tips to help you build the best network for your small business. Consider business-grade switches and routers. Consumer or home-networking products will not deliver the reliable communications your small business needs or keep pace as your business grows. Invest in a network designed to grow over time. 19. A user is redesigning a network for a small company and wants to ensure security at a reasonable price. The user deploys a new application-aware firewall with intrusion detection capabilities on the ISP connection. The user installs a second firewall to separate the company network from the public network. Additionally, the user installs an e-Builder Enterprise is fully-integrated, owner-centric, cloud-based construction software focused exclusively on meeting the needs of facility owners and construction professionals. An end-to-end Project Management Information Solution (PMIS) delivering outcomes from capital planning and design through commissioning. CCNA 1 Chapter 11: Build a Small Network

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