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How do I clear search history? It is no wander people are greatly bothered when their computer just records everything they have been searched for.

How to Delete Browser Search History in Windows 10 Computer The following is a guide on how to erase history of Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. 1.Clear Your Internet Explorer History. You can initiate the process to clear search history of Internet Explorer by using a keyboard shortcut which involves pressing the Ctrl+Shift+Delete keys in unison. Delete History Free - How to Clear all the Browsing Find the option of 'Show All' view. To erase a few singular things, locate them and right-click and then click on 'Clear', or simply press on Clear key to clear chosen listing. To erase all of the data, find 'Clear History' option. Utilize the drop-down list from there to pick how far back to erase your data.

Jul 04, 2018 · Under each individual search entry, you’ll notice two links, click “Delete” to get rid of just that search result. And that’s pretty much all there is to it. But, if you find that you’re using Bing, and coming to clear your history every once in a while, you might want to consider using private browsing so that searches aren’t

How to Delete Old Searches in My History. Deleting your browsing history is a relatively simple process. The actual procedure will vary slightly depending on which Internet browser you are using, but all of them offer a means by which to remove the history. Some browsers, like Google Chrome or Firefox, give users the Tap on the 3 horizontal lines and select Delete Activity by. Tap on All products and select Search. Below Delete by Date, tap the down arrow and select All Time. After tapping on delete, A warning popup will appear. Tap on Ok to delete your Google search history on iPad. Remember, the deleted items can’t be recovered!