Since it uses the built-in Windows Firewall to restrict or allow access, it is safe and does not require any extra program running all the time. I made this app because the default user interface for allowing or blocking an app in Windows Firewall still requires too many steps.

Dec 18, 2011 How to Allow Programs through the Windows 7 Firewall To keep things running smoothly, you need to tell the Firewall which programs are safe. Choose Start→Control Panel→System and Security→Allow a Program through Windows Firewall. Allowed Programs dialog box. Select the check box(es) for the program(s) you want to allow through the firewall. I cant block a program to the internet using windows 7 Apr 04, 2012 How to block all internet traffic in Windows (7) Firewall Jul 27, 2014

How To Allow Or Block Apps In Windows Firewall in Windows 10

Setting Up a Firewall: Windows 7 - Advanced Feb 22, 2017 How to Block a Program (App) Using Windows Firewall? • The Here’s how you can stop these programs from connecting to the Internet. How to Block Programs and Apps Using Windows Defender Firewall. Step 1: Press Windows + S keys together to open the Windows Search. Type firewall in the search location, and open Check firewall status from the results. This will open the Windows Defender Firewall program.

Mar 05, 2020

Allow/Block Multiple Programs Through Windows Firewall (tested and works on 7,8 & 10) Windows firewall works pretty well, but it's not easy to configure with multiple programs (time consuming). I looked for ages to find a way of blocking multiple .exe files through Windows Firewall in one go; it seems the only possible method was to create my How To Block a Program with Windows Firewall (Windows 10)