An international team of researchers have presented a new routing network they say paves the way for internet-scale anonymity.” A more secure alternative to the Tor, the new HORNET suggests

[r/anarchism] HORNET: High-speed Onion Routing at the Network Layer (x-post from r/TOR from r/darknetmarkets) If you follow any of the above links, please respect the rules of reddit and don't vote in the other threads. Hornet: High-Speed Onion Routing at the Network Layer It may change if hornet provides decent speeds as tor is notoriously slow for most things. the Tor network steadily had an increase in bandwith available / consumed ratio. it is way faster than it was a few years ago (relays). It is most effective for anonymity if used along with their Firefox based browser distribution. They do not Hornet: High-Speed Online Anonymity Network - YouTube Sep 29, 2015

Jul 26, 2015

Everything About Tor: What is Tor? How Tor Works

TARANET: Traffic-Analysis Resistant Anonymity at the

HORNET (High-Speed Onion Routing at the Network layer) is a Tor network alternative which is much faster than others. This online anonymity program is based on “onion routing” systems and can be scaled to support multiple users with little overhead required. HORNET, the alternative to Tor Network Mar 17, 2016 HORNET: Encrypted High Speed Anonymous TOR Alternative