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Mar 06, 2015 Express VPN - Best VPNs Overall Remember that this VPN allows P2P. Like any other VPN, the ascending and descending flow rate may be slower. However, after several speed tests, we found that the difference is minimal compared to our connection without VPN. However, the quality of the throughput depends greatly on the ExpressVPN server to which you have connected. ASA Throughput and Connection Speed Troubleshooting and Mar 29, 2018 MX100 Sizing - Site to Site VPN Throughput : meraki

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I just recently tested a throughput test on an MX64 with iPerfv3 (100Mbps VPN limit according to documentation) to an MX250 at my data center, 1Gbps symmetrical circuits on both ends, and got these results which isn't too shabby 😃